Rüdiger Dahlke

THE specialist for psychosomatic medicine

Dr.med. Rüdiger Dahlke is an internationally acknowledged psychosomatic specialist, promoting holistic psychosomatic medicine.

He has published several bestseller books:
„Krankheit als Weg“, „Krankheit als Symbol“, „Krankheit als Chance“. His trilogy »Die Schicksalsgesetze«, »Das Schattenprinzip« and »Lebensprinzipien« helped founding a holistic psychosomatic reaching into mystic and spiritual dimensions.

He is giving workshops internationally and holds a workshop center in his own community taman-ga. His teaching is targetting a self-responsable living with consciously experienced self-evolution.

www.Dahlke.at (click)

www.taman-ga.at (click)