Henry Johannes Greten

„Germany´s bestNaturopathicDoc“
(Prize of biggest health insurance AOK and the „tina“ magazine)

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Greten teaching at universities Porto, Rome, Istanbul, Hamburg.

President of DGTCM (click) and CEO of Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine. GP, Naturopathic Medicine, Homöopathy and Acupuncture in Heidelberg/Germany.

He combines scientific medicine of the West with the classical „High Medicine“ of China and teaches TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) at several universities – also in China.

His scientific merits are contributions to the system theory of TCM (Heidelberg Model), the integration of double blind studies in acupuncture research and the creation of the first study „Master of TCM“ at the University of Porto/Portugal (unique in Europe so far).

Many publications.

Professional Tenor, nominated for „Tamino“ in Magic Flute by PDO – Philharmonic Doctors Opera.

Teaching Chinese Flow concepts in Piano Master Classes

And lectures at the Basel University about this topic.