Of course there ARE burn-out-clinics where docs are treated (docs for us are always MDs, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists). If a doc is in a therapy group with 15 other persons who are treated by a psychologist (from docs view an “assistant profession”) the danger is great that the doc slips into the role of a co-therapist and his own therapy slips in the background.

From decades of experiences with piano-master-classes with docs from all over Europe and the US I have noted that there is a SPECIAL TRANSFER SITUATION if ONLY docs are in a group which is lead by a leading doc being specialised in a field (as piano): nobody tends to be co-therapist, all are on an equal level!

Since this group of leading health care professionals (MDs, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists) is much more in danger to get depressions suicidality and burn-out-syndrome than the normal population these three are the indications for us to accept docs as patients.

If docs get into a burn-out-syndrome they could not get help by their own medicine. They need an alternative solution in the sense of enlargement of consciousness. We give this not only by ONE complementary therapy -as practised in several mono-complementary clinics- but in an optional bundle of 7 complementary medicine branches represented by the 7 SuperDocs who are all on the base of school medicine but very competent in a complementary medicine branch each one.

Thus it is unique to target this group of health care professionals WORLD-WIDE and attract them with a bunch of unique selling points which are mostly innovative. Last not least we can create a richness and top quality which the conventional health system lacks to offer by the strenght of our investor.