Physician Burnout: Whyit is not a fair fight: (click)

Round One: Medical School 50% of medical students experience burnout and 10% experience suicidal ideation during medical school

Round Two: Residency

  • 27-75% of residents are burned out at any given time, depending on specialty

Round Three: Private Practice

  • Numerous global studies involving nearly every medical and surgical specialty indicate that approximately 1 in 3 doctors are experiencing physician burnout at any given time with some studies showing physician burnout prevalence as high as 60%.

“What we may be seeing now is the beginning of a cultural shift in medicine,” says Mayo Clinicinternist Liselotte Dyrbye, (click) M.D., who has studied the deleterious effects of stress on doctors. “There’s an enormous amount of interest in this issue. People are seeing that, yes, this matters.”