As of today

The leading health care professionals are affected more than normal population by depression, suicidality and burn-out-syndrome.

Everybody knows it, but too few take action:

  • Deutsches Ärzteblatt   and   Study burn-out of MDs (click)
  • Private life suffering with 70 % of all MDs
  • MDs with burn-out suffer from strong competition and lack of „good business behaviour“
  • Error Management and an adequate attitude is a problem
  • Too much responsability
  • Consequences of mistakes up to withdrawal of license
  • 80 percent of interviewed MDs say to have regular sport or cultural activities. Dr. Zwack: „It is impossible without extra-medical relations and interests.“
  • Other than that the resilient MDs recognize early signals of exhaustion. They recognise the wrong inner motivation mechanisms as „good is not good enough“ and „keep going until break-down“. They know their targets and limits and the vulnerable sides.