Thomas Weidenbeck

far more than a top dentist

Besides a complete functional analysis of the teeth which are communicating “holistically” with the entire body, dent. Thomas Weidenbeck applies the innovative Matrix therapy of Dr. Randoll and can give essential impulses to stimulate the body functions.

“If the chewing system is out of balance”, can the dentist be responsable for head-ache, back pain, tinnitus, vertigo, deafness or paresthesia in the fingers, even for difference in leg length or visual problems? In several cases the answer is simply “yes!”.

With simple and quick tests we can see context with the different systems. Further informations you get from the site of my academic teacher Prof. Dr. Erich Wühr from Bad Kötzing . Thanks to him Dr. Weidenbeck learnt an effective treatment method which isn´t even taught at universities.

For reduction on muscle and articulation pains he applies the Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy of Dr. Randoll see German flyer:

MayRhyThe website

The effectiveness and persistance of the Matrix Rhythm Therapy for relaxation is better and more selective than a conventional manual therapy.

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